Creating Miminal's Website

Andrew | September 1st 2018

This is the first in a series of blogs where I will document my experience and reflections on being an intern at a data science startup - Miminal.

During my internship at Miminal, one of the projects I was put in charge of was to create a new website for Miminal to display their services and to post articles. The reason for a new website was because Miminal’s old website was not designed well for posting blogs, so one of the key requirements was to create a website that would make it easy for creating new blog posts. A key aspect of data science is data visualisation, so experience developing using web technology is useful because it transfers nicely into designing dashboards to visualise data.

After the discussion of a list of requirements that Miminal wanted, I went onto perform a tech review. The tech review lead me to static site generators due to its easy content creation functionality. Static site generators are made up of template code and content files like markdown. The team I had were all developers so I believed this technology was most suitable for their needs.

At the end of the tech review I had decided on the following technologies: Hexo.js, SASS, CSS-Grid and Pug.js. However later on in the development we switched from CSS-Grid to Bootstrap4 because we realised it would be easier for maintainability since the development team were familiar with Bootstrap.

Screenshots of the website

Landing Section:

What We Do Section:

Blog Section:

The website was designed to be responsive across all devices, meaning the user experience is consistent from mobile all the way to desk top.

Overall, it was a great project, it allowed me to learn the entire process of the software development cycle. The project exposed me to a lot of different technologies and gained front end experience. If I had to redo this project again I would check the entire development team was happy with the technologies and their purpose from a maintainability standpoint before proceeding onto development.

Miminal is a data science solutions company based in Bristol, UK, if you are interested in finding out more on what they do visit