Miminal Launches at the Engineering Research Showcase

Will | November 28th 2017

We officially launched this month at the Engineering Research Showcase at the University of Bristol. The launch was a huge success and we were even honoured by a visit from the university’s Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady, who was eager to learn about our venture and wished us every success.

We aim to address the skills shortage in data science and make data exploitation accessible to organisations big and small that do not have the in-house capacity and/or expertise.

Miminal is inspired by the University of Bristol, where we learned data science techniques from leading academics in the field during Masters degrees in Engineering Mathematics. We are now looking to release the value of this knowledge and make quantifiable gains for their clientbase. To achieve this we collect, clean and analyse data before developing predictive models or visualising insights. Depending on the client’s needs, deliverables may take the form of software integrated into current processes, or summarised in intelligible reports.

Photo Credit: Bryan Wong Photography